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For Youth

For Employers

For the Community

  • They develop a relevant and authentic base of experience on which to make life decisions

  • They get exposure to the workplace in the various industrial & career clusters

  • They learn and understand work culture and the demands of the workplace

  • They get the experience (i.e., projects, places, situations, people) that develop critical skills and advance employability

  • They are exposed to professional and career role models

  • They become productive members of the community and develop their self-esteem and self-confidence

  • They get an ongoing learning experience and the opportunity for real work with real pay—a chance to make a living & develop a career pathway
Short Term Business Interests
  • Inexpensive help, usually part-time with flexible-hours
  • Workforce diversity
  • Enhanced employee morale
  • Improve supervisory skills
  • Minimized recruitment costs
  • Positive public relations

Philanthropic Reasons

  • Being a good corporate citizen
  • Dedicate efforts for community youth
  • Broaden corporate mission

Long Term Common Good

  • Improve the overall community workforce that all employers draw from
  • Contribute to overall economic development by enabling a broader base of work-ready younger job candidates
  • Workforce development is emphasized at the younger end of the workforce spectrum

  • Promotes productivity over dependency; work is valued over idleness

  • More workers mean more consumers

  • Willing workers can attract new business and enable business expansion

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