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Reconnect Center

Guidance & Counseling

Many of the younger members of the local workforce, especially those in entry level jobs, may be facing particular challenges due to factors such as unfinished education, lack of previous work experience, family issues, inadequate living arrangements, court/justice system involvement, lack of self-confidence, or any other factor that affects their ability to function responsibly, independently, or efficiently. The RECONNECT Center maintains a staff of professional mentors experienced in working with this population and with all community agencies and resources.

The RECONNECT Center would like to offer itself to the Berkshire business community as a “Guidance Office” to assist in the guidance and counseling of vulnerable youth that are employed and/or seeking employment. Employers are welcome to refer employees or prospective employees to the RECONNECT Center either voluntarily or as part of a hiring agreement. The RECONNECT Center mentors will serve as the “equalizer” that some young people need to pursue career pathways, job opportunities and remain gainfully employed.

Please consider utilizing this service if you have a prospective or current youth employee that is in need of assistance in overcoming barriers to ensure his/her occupational success!

For additional information regarding this service and additional services provided through the Reconnect Center, please contact Bryan House at 413-997-4556 /

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reconnect center

The RECONNECT Center will contribute to the Berkshire County Community by offering holistic mentoring supports to individuals in need of making positive choices or changes in order to become more productive and independent. This person-centered service will enhance the community workforce, increase the ratio of productive individuals to dependent persons, advance educational progress, and serve the interests of public safety.

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